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  • Mid Life Crisis

    Have you ever done something out of the ordinary?Have you ever thought about behaviour changes?Have you ever felt unfulfilled with life? I think that most of us can answer yes to one or all 3 of these questions, sometimes life can become stale, secure, we can take things for granted, we can wish for better… Read more

  • My intimate relationship with alcohol.

    We often think of relationships as being between 2 or more people who develop a mutual understanding of each other’s needs, wants and desires and endeavour to fulfil them to the best of their abilities.A working relationship is a powerful synergetic tool and instrument that enables the individuals to reach their fullest potential, mutually supportive,… Read more

  • Not a lot of people know this.

    ???????? Why the title of this post??I tend to write a lot about aspects of my life and personal experiences and often it may come across as being very serious and often about overcoming adversity, however life has its many ups and downs and challenges, I thought that today I would share some very little… Read more

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