Building relationships.

Kath and I enjoying time together this evening although we missed the fireworks.

Relationships are not formed overnight, they may start with meeting someone in person, online or through a dating website or any number of different ways however they don’t start with an ending but with a beginning and maybe an end goal in sight In order to build the relationship though you need to first of all think about how you feel about the person and what you want out of the relationship.

If you want it to end then it is better to end it sooner rather than later and before feelings and emotions develop into strong connections.

If you want to see a relationship develop then you have to think about how to nurture it and help it grow, consider a gardener who wants to grow flowers from seed, he doesn’t just plant them and then wake up with a massive plant because life isn’t like Jack and the beanstalk, it takes knowledge, care, patience and nurturing to grow the plant from seed. Proper conditions, compost, water and heat and protection from frost etc.

The same applies to a relationship with the essential ingredients being, time, patience, understanding, communication and trust. This would enable the relationship to move forward.

Time and taking an interest in the hobbies and activities of the other person helps, Kath my partner and I have one night a week out playing pool and just being out together without interruptions.

Patience with each other, we will all do something that might annoy the other person, I have a tendency to leave taps dripping when I wash up or take over the cooking but fortunately my partner understands me and my little foibles and usually makes little quips. I have no doubt that my partner does things that test my patience, one thing that springs to mind is that we had gone out for the day and my partner decided that she wanted to buy a pair of sandals for on the beach but instead of buying a cheap pair we went into a shoe shop and some considerable time later and £15.00 spent because she didn’t want a cheap pair even though she would probably only wear them once.

Communication is essential but having meaningful communication with each other helps to avoid any issues or confusion. Communication can also be non verbal for example if I am going out and my partner is in bed I will leave a note on my pillow for her and ring her some time in the day just to reconnect. Misunderstandings can be easily avoided and potential problems nipped in the bud before they become too serious. Trust is essential in any relationship and once it is broken it can be built up once more but it is a really difficult thing to do and requires a lot of soul searching and compromise and talking to each other but at a really deeper level to look at why someone would want to hurt someone that they love.

The message in any relationship is the following.

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I am a 56 years old male living for the last 5 years in Pembrokeshire West Wales in the UK. I have entitled this blog along with my Facebook page as A Life worth giving because when I was growing up I was taught that the only way to get on in life was to be selfish, not even sharing sweets, books, pens or anything. I moved into adulthood with very much the same view of life and entered in my teens a life of alcohol dependency, another very selfish trait, my drinking consumed every waking moment and I saw alcohol as both my best friend and worst enemy, the only real positive was that it never let me down. Life changed for me in 1997 in the month of April when I stopped drinking and started to awaken my feelings, I found that I actually enjoyed life, enjoyed feeling although it was hard and left me feeling vulnerable yet today I am at my happiest, in a very loving relationship and life is good. A life worth giving is about my journey through life but also about being selfless and serving others willingly and with an attitude of gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Building relationships.

  1. Love this post, especially the pictures of you and Kath. So much love and happiness 🙂
    I absolutely agree that ANY relationship requires nurturing, and cannot flourish without time, patience, communication, understanding and trust! Those are fantastic seeds to grow the most beautiful of flowers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thank you for your kind comments and support.
      I included the pictures of Kath and I to give people a chance to get to know me and us better. It has been said by some of our friends that we make a lovely couple and I have to say that this is the happiest relationship that I have been in since my first marriage in the early 1980s 😊😂
      I am so glad that you agree about the ingredients that are the seeds that help grow the most beautiful of flowers 💐💐
      I hope that you are enjoying your day and that the weather is being kind to you from a ☔☔ and ❄️❄️ Pembrokeshire West Wales.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well thank you again for sharing it 😉
        My day has been busy (what else is new 😛 ) and it’s been uncomfortably hot and humid. I am NOT looking forward to Summer :/

        Hope you have a great evening! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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