The best anniversary ever.


Kath and I met through a social media site in 2014, when I unexpectedly received a friend request because of us having a mutual friend and after a few months of us talking I felt that we had a connection and I wanted to pursue it further to see where it led to.
I felt really comfortable and confident about us and on Tuesday the 19th of August in the year 2014, I left my old life behind and boarded a train to a place called Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire on the tip of West Wales close to the coast and a number of beautiful sunny beaches including Tenby.
The sun shone for months that year and even in November you could still walk around in Tee shirts etc, not every day but it was quite warm.
We had the usual celebrations Christmas, New Year, Valentines day, my birthday followed quite soon after in August our anniversary, we like Tenby, it is quite close to us, quite accessible and has the loveliest of beaches as well as a monastic island that you can visit by boat either for a day trip or even a retreat, Kath and I both wanted to visit it and have a look round and so on the day of our anniversary which was a Thursday we decided to do it.
On the Wednesday though when we arrived it was absolutely the polar opposite of the weather the year before with heavy rain and winds so much so that even arriving at our guest house we were absolutely soaking wet through.
We dried off and decided that the beach wasn’t such a good idea so we went for a walk around the shops instead and had a meal in a local bar that we had visited previously, we then went back to the guest house in the early evening.
Thursday the day of our anniversary came and the weather was a lot better and so I bought tickets to go over to Caldey Island and we boarded a boat, because the weather was better we had both left our coats at the guest house, we got some gifts and sent some postcards from the island and it started to get colder and we decided to head back to the mainland, we got on the boat and the heavens opened once more and the downpour was torrential.

We got back to dry land even though it was really wet and cold and thought about were we could have dinner that evening. I really wanted it to be special and there was a restaurant where the former USA President Bill Clinton had dinner with his family and some friends, it was quite pricy and then we looked at some other restaurants and I thought that I would check the bank. I was so glad that I did because my account was showing over a thousand pounds overdrawn and I had our guest house bill to pay the following morning, by this time I was in a state of panic, it was getting late, was still raining and I had about £30.00 in my wallet.

Tenby is a walled town and you can’t get a signal to use your mobile and so we were walking up and down with me waving my hands in the air trying to get a signal and trying to ring the bank because I knew that I shouldn’t be overdrawn and I was getting worried, we hadn’t eaten and I still had the hotel bill to pay the following morning.


The view of the beach in Tenby on a sunnier day than we experienced.

In the meantime we still had to figure out what to eat so we ended up eating Fish and Chips out of paper in a walled garden overlooking the sea in the rain on a bitterly cold night.

I checked the bank again after midnight and the issue had resolved itself and we had enough to carry on the holiday with even though we were leaving later in the day but at least we were able to pay the hotel bill.

We frequently visit Tenby and talk about our fish and chips in the rain on our first anniversary and although we have been out for dinner every year since on our anniversary this will always be a very special anniversary to me. ❤️😊

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I am a 56 years old male living for the last 5 years in Pembrokeshire West Wales in the UK. I have entitled this blog along with my Facebook page as A Life worth giving because when I was growing up I was taught that the only way to get on in life was to be selfish, not even sharing sweets, books, pens or anything. I moved into adulthood with very much the same view of life and entered in my teens a life of alcohol dependency, another very selfish trait, my drinking consumed every waking moment and I saw alcohol as both my best friend and worst enemy, the only real positive was that it never let me down. Life changed for me in 1997 in the month of April when I stopped drinking and started to awaken my feelings, I found that I actually enjoyed life, enjoyed feeling although it was hard and left me feeling vulnerable yet today I am at my happiest, in a very loving relationship and life is good. A life worth giving is about my journey through life but also about being selfless and serving others willingly and with an attitude of gratitude.

17 thoughts on “The best anniversary ever.

  1. LOVE this story! So much lovely information in there for people who want to see the sights in that area – as well as a lesson in appreciation!
    I think the fish and chips dinner in the rain is rather romantic 😉
    Very relieved that your account righted itself 🙂

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    1. I have to admit that it was quite frightening at the time and many of the restaurants are quite expensive.
      The one where Bill Clinton ate they actually have a copy of his bill in the window and it was over £100. 00 a head for 3 courses, more money than sense if you ask me 💰😂
      I have many things and experiences with Kath to be grateful for and I think that we have come a long way in 5 years.
      We moved into our first flat together and didn’t even have a bed, so we used to take the cushions from the sofa and chairs and put them on the floor in the bedroom for a couple of months but that is for another day and another blog maybe 😊🤔
      I am sorry that you are feeling a bit off today and I hope that you recover fully from whatever ails you and that you will be okay for the weekend. 🙏❤️😊🤗

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      1. Thank you for the well wishes my friend. I am also hoping that I’ll wake tomorrow feeling a little less ‘off’. If not, it’s okay. Balance will be restored eventually 😉
        As for you and Kath and your first flat – humble beginnings make for great longevity in the relationship…so long as you never forget where you came from 😉
        I’m glad you didn’t sleep on washing lines 😛

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      2. I don’t think that we will ever forget and we couldn’t sleep on a washing line we probably couldn’t have afforded 1 😂😊
        I remember us having to go to the laundrette twice a week because we only had a few clothes and we were both quite ashamed when Kaths mum and sister came to visit because we hardly had anything but as you said it brings you together 😊😉

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      3. Absolutely but I think that sometimes we feel that we have to have the best of everything
        My ex wife was very much materialistic and had to tell everyone about the things that she brought and the cost etc and I don’t think that it really impressed anyone.
        We would go out for lavish dinners and entertain a lot but I would still have Fish and Chips out of the paper in the pouring rain with Kath 🐠☔🍟

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      4. I think the keyword in there is ‘materialistic’. If you’re that way inclined, then ‘stuff’ is important to you. I love the simple things in life….which is a relief, because I don’t have money for the fancy stuff 😛😉

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      5. Neither do I any more but I am a lot happier than I ever was.😊😊
        I think that being materialistic causes problems in its own right because you are constantly trying to compete even with yourself at times.
        I remember on 1 occasion we had 3 suites in the space of a year 🤔😊
        I think that you sound like a very level headed and balanced young lady and I would imagine that your children will benefit from the upbringing you have given them. 😊
        When I was growing up with my Grandparents I was extremely wealthy and could have anything I set my mind to especially after the death of my Grandfather but I would have much preferred to be shown some love and affection rather than having a lot of money that I didn’t know what to do with 🤑🤑
        I also know that you have a heart that shines through with your sense of love and compassion and fairness and bec of this you are able to bless the lives of others 😊🙏

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      6. I grew up ‘well off’. We weren’t extremely wealthy, but we had more than enough, and were better off than most. It did nothing to build character in me – until I walked away from it all. Now? Now we struggle….but I’ve grown. Therein is the meaning of life, to me.
        Thank you once again for your kind words – and for the inspiration and motivation they give me.

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      7. I am so grateful for the knowledge that they help you and I too feel the same way about you and your thoughts.
        I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason and I am so grateful for the fact that you have entered into my life and I truly hope that we can develop a long lasting friendship. 🤗
        I hope that you feel better today than yesterday and en your weekend. 😊
        A quick one on words and their origins POSH derived from the olden days of trans Atlantic ocean crossings Port Out Starboard Home – the cabins or staterooms were the most expensive and afforded the views and always faced into the sun.
        Australians refer to the British people as Poms this originates from the transportation ships that took British criminals to settle in Australia 😂👍
        Just another bit of useless information that I have picked up along the way through my journey in life 😊☕

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  2. I find that information far from useless 😉 Love it! So funny when we learn some of the origins 🙂
    We were all born for ‘such a time as this’, and it’s important that we all encourage and inspire each other as much as possible – a small part that we can play in changing the world 😉
    I am feeling a little better today, thank you. 🙂


    1. I appreciate your thoughts and feelings however we both know that not everyone who comes into your life will offer support and encouragement.
      The last time I saw my mother was about 10 years ago and she left me in tears after saying that my Grandfather would be disappointed and disgusted with the way that I had put weight on and let myself go.
      I have not seen her since but she never really took an interest in my life other than to blackmail my Grandmother into giving her money.
      That’s okay though because I have moved on and my life has been truly blessed by others.
      I am glad that you are feeling a little better today than yesterday 😉

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      1. No, not everyone makes a positive contribution to our lives. My own mother is also a good example of this.
        but it’s important that WE (you and I, and millions of like minded others out there) do our best to do so. 🙂

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    2. I am so grateful though following on from my previous reply that I am not the same and that I believe very much in inspiring, encouraging and motivating others 👍😊
      My Grandfather used to say that if you can’t find something good to say about someone then say nothing and I have to say that I agree with him totally regarding this 😊💯


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