It’s a wonderful life.

Christmas movies, often today film makers and production companies put Christmas in the title of a film that they become very much the same, the storyline is based upon love, dreams and aspirations and from the start you know what is going to happen.   Christmas movies of yesteryear have become classics, The Wizard Of Oz,Continue reading “It’s a wonderful life.”

Christmas cheer 🤗

I thought that given the time of year that I would wish each and everyone of you my friends and followers a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year, the greatest blessing that we have today is very much that we are alive and that we have hope that our lives willContinue reading “Christmas cheer 🤗”

I just don’t belong!!!

I was just thinking about a post from nopassingfancy about being neighbourly and caring and it got me thinking about our own sense of being neighbourly. We have many opportunities in our lives to help others, some of them are foreseeable others not so. I want to take you back to a period of myContinue reading “I just don’t belong!!!”


When I think about the mighty Oak tree, the first thing I think about believe it or not is what it came from, the smallest of acorns. I think then of the conditions that allowed it to grow, the ground it sits in, nature providing the right amount of sunlight and rain and the rootsContinue reading “Roots.”

New horizons

I have entitled this post new horizons because I have recently been invited by different people in my life to try some of the things that I used to enjoy, reading books and listening to classical music for example. Ultimately this has led me to read a James Patterson novel and I found it reallyContinue reading “New horizons”

The 3rd light

I have recently undergone some quite dramatic changes in my life and the outcomes have been different and some really quite scary and I have certainly felt intimidated by some people. I was recently accused of being a coward because I blocked some people from Facebook even though I don’t count them as friends orContinue reading “The 3rd light”

Confusing times

As I write this I recognise that I haven’t posted anything for a while but life has been full of ups and downs. Many of you will know that Kath left me earlier this year and since then I seem to have lost my best friend, my zest for life and everything that I had.Continue reading “Confusing times”

The art of communication

I chose this picture because to me it represents the confusion that miscommunication can bring about in any situation.It looks almost like the white noise that you get from a badly tuned in television set, if we see our conversations as being unclear then how can we expect others to understand what we are tryingContinue reading “The art of communication”

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