Being creative

I have just done the 1st week of a creative writing course, I don’t really consider myself to be creative but I have a very strong interest in writing. I tend to use the left side of my brain 🧠 🤣, that of course assumes that I have one, so many decisions I have madeContinue reading “Being creative”

Do more of what you love.

I sometimes slip into bouts of depression and everything can become an effort, however I spend time evaluating the things I do in my life, sometimes even overthinking things. These moments and frame of mind often lead to doing nothing or very little and sometimes even things that are detrimental to my health and well-being,Continue reading “Do more of what you love.”

Adapting to change

When I think about the way that life was in December 2019 everything seemed to be going so well and certainly life for Kath and I couldn’t have been happier, today however things have changed with a global pandemic in Coronavirus Covid 19 and most of the world on some kind of lockdown. Lives areContinue reading “Adapting to change”

Managing expectations.

I entitled my blog site A life worth giving because I wanted to highlight the fact that sharing in life is really a rewarding thing, it can make a difference in both persons life. EXPECTATIONS. When you think about expectations what is it that springs to mind?With me it is a sense of excitement, enthusiasm,Continue reading “Managing expectations.”

A childhood lost part 1 – Lessons learnt.

Life is all about experience, love, kindness, charity and sharing, however our life experience and in particular our early years are often our most informative.I would like to share a quote from Aristotle that my Aunt used to share with me and it is the following: I think that this is true and I wishContinue reading “A childhood lost part 1 – Lessons learnt.”

My intimate relationship with alcohol.

We often think of relationships as being between 2 or more people who develop a mutual understanding of each other’s needs, wants and desires and endeavour to fulfil them to the best of their abilities.A working relationship is a powerful synergetic tool and instrument that enables the individuals to reach their fullest potential, mutually supportive,Continue reading “My intimate relationship with alcohol.”

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