An attitude of gratitude.

I was reading blog post from NoPassingFancy about Gratitude Journal Prompts and it got me thinking about gratitude and the gift that it is, I certainly believe that gratitude is a gift of the heart. I know that over the last few months and indeed for most of this year I have been missing fromContinue reading “An attitude of gratitude.”

Leaving the past behind.

I have just spent a few days back in the home that I lived in when I was an adolescent after moving in with my maternal Aunt and Uncle, this is probably the first of many visits which I will undertake due to the recent parting of my uncle in April of this year.I wasContinue reading “Leaving the past behind.”

SWOT analysis

I first came across a SWOT analysis some 35 years ago when I first went into my sales career and the acronym was used during out training and induction, the sales world was full of acronyms, analysis, training and motivational videos, John Cleese used to feature in a lot of them, they were so cheesy,Continue reading “SWOT analysis”

Storm – free? — nopassingfancy

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself thinking, ”It really shouldn’t be THIS hard!’‘ And in the next breath, I find myself singing, ”Oh well….. LIFE IS LIFE!”There is a line in that song that says, ”Life is life, come on stand up and dance‘‘. This morning, I shared the above picture […]Continue reading “Storm – free? — nopassingfancy”

The challenges of life

This last year has been really difficult for many people including myself with concerns around Covid 19, other health concerns, family issues and relationship issues and I have to admit that I let myself down very badly.I allowed myself to become embroiled in the personal lives of some people and it cost me dearly inContinue reading “The challenges of life”

It’s a wonderful life.

Christmas movies, often today film makers and production companies put Christmas in the title of a film that they become very much the same, the storyline is based upon love, dreams and aspirations and from the start you know what is going to happen.   Christmas movies of yesteryear have become classics, The Wizard Of Oz,Continue reading “It’s a wonderful life.”

Christmas cheer 🤗

I thought that given the time of year that I would wish each and everyone of you my friends and followers a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year, the greatest blessing that we have today is very much that we are alive and that we have hope that our lives willContinue reading “Christmas cheer 🤗”

I just don’t belong!!!

I was just thinking about a post from nopassingfancy about being neighbourly and caring and it got me thinking about our own sense of being neighbourly. We have many opportunities in our lives to help others, some of them are foreseeable others not so. I want to take you back to a period of myContinue reading “I just don’t belong!!!”

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