Leaving the past behind.

I have just spent a few days back in the home that I lived in when I was an adolescent after moving in with my maternal Aunt and Uncle, this is probably the first of many visits which I will undertake due to the recent parting of my uncle in April of this year.I wasContinue reading “Leaving the past behind.”

New horizons

I have entitled this post new horizons because I have recently been invited by different people in my life to try some of the things that I used to enjoy, reading books and listening to classical music for example. Ultimately this has led me to read a James Patterson novel and I found it reallyContinue reading “New horizons”

Confusing times

As I write this I recognise that I haven’t posted anything for a while but life has been full of ups and downs. Many of you will know that Kath left me earlier this year and since then I seem to have lost my best friend, my zest for life and everything that I had.Continue reading “Confusing times”

The art of communication

I chose this picture because to me it represents the confusion that miscommunication can bring about in any situation.It looks almost like the white noise that you get from a badly tuned in television set, if we see our conversations as being unclear then how can we expect others to understand what we are tryingContinue reading “The art of communication”


The late, great Robin Williams and Robert De Nero starred in a film entitled Awakenings and it was based upon a true story about patients in a hospital ward who suffered from Alzheimers disease, somehow completely by accident a drug was given to the patients that seemed to suppress the Alzheimers. Life I think canContinue reading “Awakenings”

Love is a verb.

When I look at the picture of Kath and I it’s really hard to believe that she left me just over 5 weeks ago last Friday. This Friday the 24th of July will be the 6th week and also happens to be my 56th birthday. I know I don’t look that old 😂😂 but IContinue reading “Love is a verb.”

A very different bank account.

Yesterday I wrote about how to nurture relationships and the ingredients that are needed to make them a success, today I thought that I would write about a very different type of bank account, which has a lot to do with relationships.What do you think of when you think about bank accounts?I think of allContinue reading “A very different bank account.”

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