Confusing times

As I write this I recognise that I haven’t posted anything for a while but life has been full of ups and downs. Many of you will know that Kath left me earlier this year and since then I seem to have lost my best friend, my zest for life and everything that I had.Continue reading “Confusing times”

A childhood lesson – Part 2 1975-1980.

The loneliness of the lost one. I have titled this because as I wrote yesterday after my Grandfathers death my life really did fall apart, I felt lonely, lost and very vulnerable. My best friend had died, my Gran had replaced him very quickly, my Aunt and Uncle for whatever reason had stopped picking meContinue reading “A childhood lesson – Part 2 1975-1980.”

A childhood lost part 1 – Lessons learnt.

Life is all about experience, love, kindness, charity and sharing, however our life experience and in particular our early years are often our most informative.I would like to share a quote from Aristotle that my Aunt used to share with me and it is the following: I think that this is true and I wishContinue reading “A childhood lost part 1 – Lessons learnt.”

A childhood lost part 1 the early years.

In many respects my childhood could so easily have robbed me of hope and I have entitled this blog post a childhood lost because in many respects my childhood was different from many other childhoods and it felt to me that it wasn’t a childhood. However what we have to remember is that we allContinue reading “A childhood lost part 1 the early years.”

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