Being creative

I have just done the 1st week of a creative writing course, I don’t really consider myself to be creative but I have a very strong interest in writing. I tend to use the left side of my brain 🧠 🤣, that of course assumes that I have one, so many decisions I have madeContinue reading “Being creative”


When I think about the mighty Oak tree, the first thing I think about believe it or not is what it came from, the smallest of acorns. I think then of the conditions that allowed it to grow, the ground it sits in, nature providing the right amount of sunlight and rain and the rootsContinue reading “Roots.”

New horizons

I have entitled this post new horizons because I have recently been invited by different people in my life to try some of the things that I used to enjoy, reading books and listening to classical music for example. Ultimately this has led me to read a James Patterson novel and I found it reallyContinue reading “New horizons”

How do we show we care?

The picture above was taken a couple of years ago when Kath and I visited Manchester to visit my family before Christmas, and is of Kath encouraging a squirrel to come to her. Since we met Kath has become a bit of an animal whisperer and on one occasion having a couple of pigeons feedingContinue reading “How do we show we care?”

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