Mid Life Crisis

Have you ever done something out of the ordinary?Have you ever thought about behaviour changes?Have you ever felt unfulfilled with life? I think that most of us can answer yes to one or all 3 of these questions, sometimes life can become stale, secure, we can take things for granted, we can wish for betterContinue reading “Mid Life Crisis”

An attitude of gratitude.

I was reading blog post from NoPassingFancy about Gratitude Journal Prompts and it got me thinking about gratitude and the gift that it is, I certainly believe that gratitude is a gift of the heart. I know that over the last few months and indeed for most of this year I have been missing fromContinue reading “An attitude of gratitude.”


When I think about the mighty Oak tree, the first thing I think about believe it or not is what it came from, the smallest of acorns. I think then of the conditions that allowed it to grow, the ground it sits in, nature providing the right amount of sunlight and rain and the rootsContinue reading “Roots.”

New horizons

I have entitled this post new horizons because I have recently been invited by different people in my life to try some of the things that I used to enjoy, reading books and listening to classical music for example. Ultimately this has led me to read a James Patterson novel and I found it reallyContinue reading “New horizons”


The late, great Robin Williams and Robert De Nero starred in a film entitled Awakenings and it was based upon a true story about patients in a hospital ward who suffered from Alzheimers disease, somehow completely by accident a drug was given to the patients that seemed to suppress the Alzheimers. Life I think canContinue reading “Awakenings”

Self Discovery.

I have entitled this blog post my first for some time Self Discovery because in many ways in today’s uncertain world there are many people who are searching for the answers in order to make our lives happier.I believe in essence that it comes down to our desire to improve ourselves and the world inContinue reading “Self Discovery.”

Hope the anchor verses Fear the weight.

Why is it that I call Hope an anchor and Fear as being a weight??I believe that Hope gives us a reason to go on living and fear can be debilitating or crippling, fear can either also be very real or very imagined I thought that I would include the image below because they areContinue reading “Hope the anchor verses Fear the weight.”

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