Letting go.

I chose this picture because to me it symbolises to me the feeling of being alone and yet confident. Letting go is a very long, painful and often arduous journey and all too often the reality of having to let go is often more of a painful process than the letting go itself.What though inContinue reading “Letting go.”

The troublesome 70s.

I have entitled this post the troublesome 70s because for me the 70s were definitely the worst of my childhood years even though when the 70s began I was only 5 and a half years of age.Childhood illnesses always hit me hard with numerous chest infections, problems with my eyesight, 2 left feet and beingContinue reading “The troublesome 70s.”

A childhood lost part 1 the early years.

In many respects my childhood could so easily have robbed me of hope and I have entitled this blog post a childhood lost because in many respects my childhood was different from many other childhoods and it felt to me that it wasn’t a childhood. However what we have to remember is that we allContinue reading “A childhood lost part 1 the early years.”

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