Trying something new

First of all, Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers who were celebrated yesterday and I hope that you all enjoyed your day doing the things that you did. I thought today that I would share some of my thoughts about new experiences and some of the things that I have done recently. WheneverContinue reading “Trying something new”

Being creative

I have just done the 1st week of a creative writing course, I don’t really consider myself to be creative but I have a very strong interest in writing. I tend to use the left side of my brain 🧠 🤣, that of course assumes that I have one, so many decisions I have madeContinue reading “Being creative”

Hope the anchor verses Fear the weight.

Why is it that I call Hope an anchor and Fear as being a weight??I believe that Hope gives us a reason to go on living and fear can be debilitating or crippling, fear can either also be very real or very imagined I thought that I would include the image below because they areContinue reading “Hope the anchor verses Fear the weight.”

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