Leaving the past behind.

I have just spent a few days back in the home that I lived in when I was an adolescent after moving in with my maternal Aunt and Uncle, this is probably the first of many visits which I will undertake due to the recent parting of my uncle in April of this year.I wasContinue reading “Leaving the past behind.”

Letting go.

I chose this picture because to me it symbolises to me the feeling of being alone and yet confident. Letting go is a very long, painful and often arduous journey and all too often the reality of having to let go is often more of a painful process than the letting go itself.What though inContinue reading “Letting go.”

Childhood sayings.

As we know the two main male influences in my life where my Grandfather and my maternal uncle through marriage. They would often impart their words of wisdom and I would dutifully ignore them, after all ignorance is bliss, NOT always the best philosophy and hindsight is a wonderful thing.Words of wisdom or just ramblingsContinue reading “Childhood sayings.”

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