Being creative

I have just done the 1st week of a creative writing course, I don’t really consider myself to be creative but I have a very strong interest in writing. I tend to use the left side of my brain 🧠 🤣, that of course assumes that I have one, so many decisions I have madeContinue reading “Being creative”

Do more of what you love.

I sometimes slip into bouts of depression and everything can become an effort, however I spend time evaluating the things I do in my life, sometimes even overthinking things. These moments and frame of mind often lead to doing nothing or very little and sometimes even things that are detrimental to my health and well-being,Continue reading “Do more of what you love.”

A technology free day.

Our day out in Gloucester. Yesterday Sunday the 17th of November we went on a coach trip to the historic town of Gloucester to visit the Quays shopping centre and the Victorian Christmas Market. I love Christmas and the build up to it and often have all of my gifts purchased before the end ofContinue reading “A technology free day.”

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