SWOT analysis

I first came across a SWOT analysis some 35 years ago when I first went into my sales career and the acronym was used during out training and induction, the sales world was full of acronyms, analysis, training and motivational videos, John Cleese used to feature in a lot of them, they were so cheesy,Continue reading “SWOT analysis”

Love is a verb.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you my friends and followers, I am sorry that I haven’t been posting much recently but life sometimes gets in the way of what we want to do 😊 I really do love this time of year Christmas especially when I have the ability to spoilContinue reading “Love is a verb.”


The world of blogging is a totally new world to me but it offers many opportunities to write about many different subjects some of which you may never have ever thought of writing about, some blog posts are written about a trigger from another post, in reply to a post or just because something orContinue reading “THE LIGHTHOUSE.”

A very different bank account.

Yesterday I wrote about how to nurture relationships and the ingredients that are needed to make them a success, today I thought that I would write about a very different type of bank account, which has a lot to do with relationships.What do you think of when you think about bank accounts?I think of allContinue reading “A very different bank account.”

Building relationships.

Kath and I enjoying time together this evening although we missed the fireworks. Relationships are not formed overnight, they may start with meeting someone in person, online or through a dating website or any number of different ways however they don’t start with an ending but with a beginning and maybe an end goal inContinue reading “Building relationships.”

Is their life after divorce.

Statistics show that divorce is on the rise across the world and certainly I have not helped with those statistics having had 4 marriages all of which ended in divorce.Speaking with Sara Davison who is a UK based divorce coach, and yes they do have divorce coaches which really surprised me, however when you thinkContinue reading “Is their life after divorce.”

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