Building relationships.

Kath and I enjoying time together this evening although we missed the fireworks. Relationships are not formed overnight, they may start with meeting someone in person, online or through a dating website or any number of different ways however they don’t start with an ending but with a beginning and maybe an end goal inContinue reading “Building relationships.”

What’s in a name??

I used the above image not really because it has anything to do with names as such but because Hope as I said yesterday is something that we can cling too, hope gives us the opportunity to address our fears and face them head on, by doing so we can then determine what our nextContinue reading “What’s in a name??”

My intimate relationship with alcohol.

We often think of relationships as being between 2 or more people who develop a mutual understanding of each other’s needs, wants and desires and endeavour to fulfil them to the best of their abilities.A working relationship is a powerful synergetic tool and instrument that enables the individuals to reach their fullest potential, mutually supportive,Continue reading “My intimate relationship with alcohol.”

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