SWOT analysis

I first came across a SWOT analysis some 35 years ago when I first went into my sales career and the acronym was used during out training and induction, the sales world was full of acronyms, analysis, training and motivational videos, John Cleese used to feature in a lot of them, they were so cheesy,Continue reading “SWOT analysis”

The lens of sobriety.

I learnt a couple of years ago that when I was born on the 24th July that it was probably a forceps delivery, this was discovered because of some damage to the nerve endings and muscles in my eyes.A recent eye test revealed that in my right eye I am short sighted and in myContinue reading “The lens of sobriety.”


I thought that I would do this post on the subject of courage, what courage is, how it manifests itself, the qualities and attributes of a courageous person and why being courageous is not always easy.The thought behind the post was an interview that I heard earlier on from a defeated world heavyweight champion boxer,Continue reading “Courage.”

A very different bank account.

Yesterday I wrote about how to nurture relationships and the ingredients that are needed to make them a success, today I thought that I would write about a very different type of bank account, which has a lot to do with relationships.What do you think of when you think about bank accounts?I think of allContinue reading “A very different bank account.”

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